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you said
"im going like a lamb to
the slaughter
but im as calm as a
summers day"
but i bet you didnt feel
so calm when they broke
down the door
and you jumped 
out of that window.

i even heard you fired 
a few shots back.

as far as i know jesus
didnt crucify a few people
on the way to the cross

gandhi didnt knife anyone 

van gogh shot himself.

hicks went up in a 
cloud of smoke.

krishnamurti lived till old
age and died of natural

bukowski and carlin
and watts too

doing far less damage to
themselves and to 

more than ever its like
we are stuck on repeat
killing each other and
blowing ourselves up 
over ideals and beliefs,
the few that have been
good have been organized
and become bad

and there is something i'd
like to say to 
all you homemakers,
you women in long
you business men in
suits who practice religious
to the whole world.

a martyr does not kill
and is killed.
a martyr does not hurt
anyone and is 

and on a long enough
timeline no one
makes the grade.
i was vincent without
a theo
with much less talent
and slightly better

i had no hope of longevity
survival or a future 
in this world.
things seemed so desperate
but i carried on
blocked the thought
and waited on dumb

house hunting wasn't
an option
instead i'd wander the
streets noticing potential
shelters where it might
be ok to stay the night
imagining what i
thought would inevitably 

but things weren't all

i'd managed to keep
both earlobes and had
being locked into 
a mental asylum
i had no gun
no wheat field
no girl
no job and no 

i was breathing but i
wasn't really built for what
passes as life in the
modern world
i was reluctant at the
prospect of surviving merely
for survivals sake
but that's what i was
doing for the most part
save the few paintings or

the few moments of love
or connection.

its funny how things change
and its unexpected when
its for the better.

some unknown god will
come along beyond the pale
light of the moon.

maybe now,
maybe in a hundred
years time
or when your bones
are dust.

sometimes you just have to
hang on in there
or crawl on your belly to
it like a snail
or sit and
i'd be awoken about 5 am 
church attendance on sunday,
family home evening on
monday and mutual on

schools, churches,
every hour of the waking day
(of which there weren't many
due to sleep deprivation)

all of them were after me.
i'd get home about 7 and curl
up in front of the fire like a
5 minutes of unconsciousness
before i'd have to walk to 
school for yet more hours of
indoctrination, boredom, and

i'd zone out and lose interest.
during one of these moments
miss holroyd the spanish teacher
stopped the class looked at me
and said "am i boring you
"yes" i said.

ask an honest question get an
honest answer,
receive an honest answer, 
her face went red and she 
started screaming at me,
told me to get out the classroom.

as im waiting there to be punished
for telling the truth,
for being honest in an institution 
that is made to impart truth and 
knowledge it dawned on me that 
something wasnt quite right,
and in the churches also.

she'd come out tell me how rude
i was, shout at me some more, not
realizing that i had made no attempts
to be rude until she had asked me
a question.
honest answers and the freedom
not to listen, to zone out and look out
at something more real like the trees
were not allowed.
you had to smile and look interested
go along with it and give the
answers they want.

it had apparently always been 
this way,
my mother always tells me this story
of me as a kid. im in nursery about
5 years old and miss lamb is trying to
teach the class something,
i close my book
she asks me why and i say i've had
enough now.
she tells me miss lamb had to turn
around and hide her laughter from the
class because it was said so
matter of fact.

and i didnt want to get baptized either,
nor the priesthood,
i didnt want all the achievements they
thought were necessary 
for passing life's test.

i was perfect ignorance,
the anti thesis of a sponge, evading
every attempt and escaping all

reading those scriptures at one those
early morning sessions the teacher
asked, what do you want be when you
grow older?
others said jobs, spoke of career plans,
when it came to me i said
"i want to be an innovator, not an

and i cringe looking back on what a
pretentious little prick i must
have looked,

little did i know i'd grow up to be
years of refusal
Im aware the title is taken from a Morrissey album but i thought it went quite well with the general theme. 
the Egyptians loved the cat
were often entombed with it
instead of with the women 
and never the dog

but now
good people with
good eyes
are very few

yet fine cats
with great style
lounge about
in the alleys of
the universe

our argument tonight
whatever it was
no matter
how unhappy
it made us

remember that
there is a
adjusting to the
space of itself 
with a delightful

in other words
magic persists
without us
no matter what
we may try to do
to spoil it.

-Charles Bukowski


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