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that animal will never
become a hitler,
never try to decipher the
grand meaning of existence,
never fight wars.

it is in itself existence.

it will never become 
a saint, but in a sense it
is a saint, or a buddha.
it is not in the past or the
it is self contained and
implanted nowhere 
but where 
it is.

it is completely present
without words.

and i eat buddha's like the
spider eats the fly,
like everything that lives
and breathes
i believe my survival is

but the plants are even 
more detached and present,
even more innocent and
life promoting,
but i cannot live off them.

the suns grow blood 
and pain and life
and we look up and say
how beautiful.

i've become nocturnal but
i still cannot escape 
the stars

blood pumps and flows
and we are here.

(for a while)
we are living and we do not
know ourselves
and we dissect animals
trying to understand life,
not realizing we are examining

lions don't hold court,
raccoons don't run for office,
cats sleep most of the

and we are islands seeking
retreats from loneliness
finding distractions wherever
we can wishing to kill time
and wanting more

the waves lapping against 
the shore
erosion setting in as we stand
and fall.

moose eat magic mushrooms,
bees will get drunk if they
the cat will froth at the

somewhere a human sits in a 
room drunk on nothing
watching TV
reading or finding other
sitting completely sober.

and there's a certain sadness
about it,
a certain beauty and tragedy,

just as there is with
how to tell if its coming
from you or flowing through

when you look its as though
you didn't do it,
though that seems to be
the story of everything.

energy from void,
matter from energy,
existence from 
none existence,
fires emerging in the cold
depths of space.

difference is related to
outside to inside,
dark to light.

existence emerges wherever
it can,
stars, planets, people,

a series of accidents that
have emerged with 
purpose and meaning.

one thing leads to the next
in an unbreakable chain
of accidental meaning,
but what set the whole thing
why something rather than

at the heart of nature 
or beyond it must be something
with purpose or meaning.

life makes sense of contradiction,
hot, cold, existence, none 
places difference in a
narrative weaving its own 

the void remains void,
though present 
i talk to inanimate objects
as the hand is still
like a stone in the mouth.

it goes deeper than an evil
glint in your fathers eye,
you were there as possibility
in the first human,
as a fish,
in the very first single cell
and deeper still.

stardust and void and 
everything else.

i get moments where i'm
glad i'm alive.
another day.
not because the days are
particularly special or
but this sudden realization 
of how strange and unlikely
it is that i should 

that existence should
and you smile at the
the sublime absurdity of
chance or

you catch yourself looking
at things realizing how strange
they are.

that we exist in this universe,
that books exist, trees, cars,
flowers, people, coffee cups,
toe nail clippers,
atoms, stars, planets.
that there is anything there to
be seen or to see at all.

everything contained in it and
every existing thing 
of which
you are one.

do coffee mugs feel this way?
birds? flowers? toe nail
natures novelty roulette
...probably not but its a strange old world.
time is a healer
a destroyer
a wax work clock on a table
that sits on nothing.

giver of life
taker of life.

this ineffable experience of time
and self,

that candle wick that burns
and seems to be all there

as the function of language 
is to obscure and hide

as the function of thoughts is
to cover over and rationalize 

as the function of feelings is
to take sensations and try
to weave a web out of


sensation and experience
has no function,

no beginning or end.

eternity and no-thing creating time
and all things
and there is something arbitrary and
unknowable at the root of

it doesn't matter what words 
you use to try and capture it,

it slips through the net of time and self
and everything that you think is
palpable and real.

it confuses me and makes me smile
as i struggle on in a hopeless 
search for clarity.

(everything i know is foam on the

finally i let it go.
the Egyptians loved the cat
were often entombed with it
instead of with the women 
and never the dog

but now
good people with
good eyes
are very few

yet fine cats
with great style
lounge about
in the alleys of
the universe

our argument tonight
whatever it was
no matter
how unhappy
it made us

remember that
there is a
adjusting to the
space of itself 
with a delightful

in other words
magic persists
without us
no matter what
we may try to do
to spoil it.

-Charles Bukowski


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